The ONLY online tax depreciation rate finder in Australia - an innovative accounting tool created for Accountants, by Accountants.

There’s no longer any need to spend tedious hours sifting through those paper-based rate tables that are frustratingly slow.

At, subscribers can access the most current tax depreciation rates through our quick and simple online tools. saves time and money, along with providing easy-to-navigate information sharing, educational, networking and marketing opportunities for subscribers.  

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The more you can leverage technology to save time, the better placed your firm will be to capitalise on the untapped potential that lies within your client base...  Colin Dunn
Director/Chief Innovation Officer
I cannot overstate its value in time saving and assistance with the ease of use for preparing both accounting and tax depreciation schedules for clients... Philip Maley
Certified Practising Accountant
PJT Accountants is a fast and easy to use system enabling users to correctly correlate their physical asset with those outined by the Taxation Office... Tony Allen
Napier & Blakeley